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99, your starting point.Going to work? Class? A night out with your friends? A special dinner? It doesn't matter where you want to get to, we take you there. 99 has the best and most complete transportation solutions, just for you. Our app connects you to drivers in all corners of Brazil and in just a few clicks, a car will get you wherever you are. Cool, isn't it? What are you waiting for? Try it out!
★Arrive super fast with Waze and exclusive access to traffic-free bus lanes★Forget surprise charges and unfair pricing! ★Pay through your in-app registered credit card, Paypal or cash -- you're the boss!★With more than 150,000 registered drivers, there will always be one available for you★Unparalleled service -- we keep a close eye on feedback to provide top quality
Our categories:
99TAXI: your go-to and fastest option. Available in more than 300 cities across Brazil, you'll be driven by one of our 150,000 drivers, always with our signature ear-to-ear smile on their face!
99TOP: ride a luxurious black car and be driven by our sophisticated drivers. You'll arrive fast and in style, driving in exclusive bus lanes and freeing yourself from traffic!